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Rainout PROTOCOL (for Regulation Season May 1st - July 14)

If rainout or even wonder if there is a rainout at Wasco Fields:

  1. We TRY to post by 4:00-4:30 pm on week nights and asap on weekends.  Remember too that a 9:00 am game might be canceled but not an 11:30 am game and so on - as Felix Unger use to say, "You know what happens when you assume..."   Rainouts can be called for numerous reasons and even the following day after heavy rains.  Our #1 priority is the safety of our children.
  2. HOME TEAM - Give the other coach a courtesy call.  All phone numbers are listed on the website under TEAM tab and find your opponent.  Good idea to print this off and keep in your coaches book.
  3. HOME TEAM - Shoot an email to Cindy ( ) asap to get a few other dates/field options and get with the other coach with those options.  FOR INSTANCE: there are spots tomorrow night open – this Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc.  DO NOT put this off till later in the season as games not made up eventually go down as a loss unless numerous attempts by you as home coach have gone unresolved with the other team.  (And that does happen)  Give the other team about 3 possible dates.  ALL available fields are listed on website under SCHEDULES.
  4. The umps will be figuring this out for themselves so no need to find that info.  Cindy will let me know of the makeup dates and we'll notify the umps.

If lightning is detected during play either by detectors set at 20 miles in which case an airhorn will sound (one long blast) and/or by the umpires, the umps will call game suspension in which case, all players are to evacuate the playing field.  After 30 mins, an 'all clear' signal of 3 short blasts will be given or 2 long blasts for games are canceled and players are free to leave the area. Exception: unless it is obvious that the storm will continue beyond the 30 mins.

Rainout Protocol:

Fall Ball (August through October): If there are heavy rains the night before a game, we'll check the fields first thing in the morning. A 9:00 am game may be canceled but an 11:30 am game might still be on. You may check the hotline 630.513.1200 for any updates starting 1/2 hour before the start of a game. If it starts to rain during a game and/or lightning is detected, Verhaeghe is equipped with a lightning detection system that alerts us if lightning is present. If detected, we'll sound one long air horn blast for "Lightning detected, take shelter for 30 mins." Two short blasts mean "Resume Game" and 3 short blasts means "Games canceled, leave the fields." The players safety is ALWAYS our first concern.