WGFSL/WSH has adopted a no-refund policy with regards to all registration fees ONCE REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED. The WGFSL Board of Directors feel that due to the rapid expansion in all of the sports programs offered by WGFSL/WSH, we need to be able to better manage the numbers within each division.  Please understand what is required prior to registering your player, ie, field locations, game days/times, etc. as refund are not issued because Wasco is too far from your location.  WGFSL/WSH can't control the weather, how many practices the coaching staff has and/or participation by other area teams, play time, etc.

The only exceptions to this policy would be:

  1. If a participant decides to drop from the program prior to the end of the registration period for that activity (Refund minus $25 non-refundable deposit). 
  2. In the event that the child was medically unable to participate in the sport that he/she had registered for. A note from a Doctor on letterhead indicating that the participant can not participate is required.
    a.   If a parent has requested a refund due to medical reasons prior to the start of the practice season, they will receive a 100%.  (There is a $25 non-refundable deposit deducted from each medical refund.)
    b.   If a child has participated in a practice, but no games, then they can receive a 50% medical refund.   
    c.    If a child has participated in at least one game then there is no refund. 
  3. IF a Tryout was involved there will not be a refund.
  4. Non Refundable Cancelation Fee and Time Limits: If any remaining balance has not been paid in full by a mutually agreed upon date by both the league Treasurer and parties with the outstanding balance, then the Registration Fee becomes non-refundable, and has no exchange value.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

*The WGFSL/WSH Executive Board reserves the right to waive this Refund Policy at its sole discretion at any time. Must be presented in writing to the Treasurer. Such waiver shall generally be in response to extenuating or highly unusual circumstances, and in no event shall the Executive Board be obligated to waive this Refund Policy.  All credit card transactions are subject to 4% credit card fee.

~ WGFSL/WSH Board of Directors