Who is Wasco Girls Fastpitch?

We are a competitive recreational league (except at 6U-8U where the fun begins).  We are the largest, oldest and most respected organization around.  We've been serving the community for 33 years.  We start at 6U with k-2nd graders having fun, fun, fun while learning about softball.  This is a great time to find out if they like the sport.  10U is still forcused on fun, trying new positions while continuing to develop their skillset.  12U is still learning more and more about the game and has a clearer sense of competition.  14U and HS is playing full ASA regulation games and tournaments and still having a great time, and being with friends.  For a lot of players at this age, they are balancing the importance of school work, jobs, family and friends.


We look for amazing coaches, co-coaches, and assistant coaches.  They are highly valued here at Wasco Girls Fastpitch.  Make a difference.  Stand out from everyone else and volunteer to spend this valuable time with your daughter and make a positive impact on those around you.  Just email us at wascofastpitch@aol.com with any questions.


Wasco Girls Fastpitch Softball

Discover the Wasco Difference

Excellence has no boundaries....some of our players come from over 30 miles away to have the best rec 'sball experience! And WHY?!  33 years of doing one thing....Softball.  Our players are constantly growing and developing as ball players. Our coaches are taught the most state-of-the-art approaches as taught by the best collegiate coaches in the business including LSU, 'Bama, UCLA, Michigan, Wisconsin and more.  They spend hundreds of hours promoting and respecting the game of youth softball.  This is all Wasco does year round is softball.  Why settle for anything less than the best for your daughter. We believe that girls should be empowered and strengthened.  If you play a sport, you play it like an athlete.  Athletes are not defined by gender but by one's commitment and desire to achieve success through setting and achieving personal goals via competition.  And with competition comes failure and success and how to handle both situations with dignity and grace is our goal.  Here at Wasco, we play by the same rules as any athlete.  If you hit a homerun, you earned it.  If you struck out, you earned it.  We do not believe in handicapping a player because she is female.  We believe in learning, teaching, growing, respecting. While we are a recreational league, we believe in teaching the player to give everything your best effort every time and that we are a part of a TEAM and that means a player should make themselves better, they make their teammates better, and they make the game better. WHILE having fun.


Fees are the same regardless of where you live - no "out of district" fees.


Celebrating our 33rd year!