Want IN on Our Tournament Tee-Shirt Sponsorship?
by posted 01/26/2021





Wasco Fastpitch is Hosting not one but TWO All-Star tournament this year!


These tournaments will be coordinated and sponsored by the Warriors Teams, our abbreviated light travel teams.

The dates are Memorial Day Weekend and July 30th to August 1st.


Before we get further along in the process, we wanted to reach out to the Wasco families, past and present to see if there are any companies interested in being a tee-shirt sponsor for only $250!  This is a wonderful ROI – your logo, your brand – your SUPPORT!  Do you work for a company that would be interested in this opportunity?  (Sporting goods companies, beverage companies, real estate, restaurant, construction/remodeling, investment, anything that would benefit from mass advertising on the backs of players from all over the Chicagoland area!)?  Please consider posting this message on your social media to help spread the word.


We want to start advertising these tournaments by February 15th.  Reminder that we are a not-for-profit organization that is solely sustained from registration fees and sponsorships for over 33 years!  Like many, we too have been hard hit this past year but we will continue to do everything in our power to give all area young ladies the opportunity to play the BEST SPORT EVER!     or   for any additional information.



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Biggest Myths in Softball
by posted 07/24/2015

  • The hands are considered part of the bat.  FALSE
    • If a batter is hit with a pitch on the hands, it is simply a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base. Remember that anytime a batter is hit, it is ALWAYS a dead ball. If the batter is swinging and the ball contacts her hands first, we have a DEAD BALL/ STRIKE. If the ball contacts the batter in the strike zone…same result – if it is the third strike in either of these cases – the batter is out.
  • The batter-runner must turn to her right after over-running first base.  FALSE
    • The runner is protected back to first base regardless of which way they turn as long as they don’t make an attempt or feint towards second base (umpire judgement).  Merely turning to the left, and/or being in fair territory, does NOT put the runner in jeopardy of being tagged out unless they make an attempt to advance to 2nd.  See ASA 8-7-H and 8-8-I.  Also ASA POE#32
  • The batter may not switch batter's boxes after two strikes.  FALSE
    • The batter may switch at any time in the count as long as she does not switch sides once the pitcher is on the rubber taking her signs.  See ASA 7-3-D
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