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Sunday, September 20th
by posted 09/16/2020

HS Players and Parents:


The details have been worked out for this Sunday's games:

Wasco vs. Central; 11am start time. Be on the field at Lily Lake Grade School in Lily Lake by 10:15am dressed and ready to go.

Wasco vs. Orange Whips ~1pm. After the first game, there will be a break to get Central's dugout cleared and possibly cleaned for COV-19 compliance.

After our game, Orange Whips will be playing Central.

Field is on Rt.47; 1 mile north Rt.64; west side of road. Plenty of parking.

See you then. 




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Sunday, September 20th
by posted 09/15/2020

High School Players and Parents:

Another team, the Orange Whips, has agreed to a Round Robin for this Sunday, September 20th. Games will be played at the Lily Lake Grade School on Rt. 47 in Lily Lake, IL.

Due to the need to comply with COV-19, the fact that 3 teams are in this event, and to ensure we finish before dark, we will need to start earlier then 1pm; instead 11am start for the first game.

This is just a heads-up;more details to follow when they are finalized. Please plan accordingly.


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Games today
by posted 09/13/2020

We are on for today.  Coach Bob dragged the field before sunrise.  Coach Char has uniforms,

be there at noon.  There is a coaching clinic going on but we will find a place to work out. 


The Soggy Staff

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Uniforms H.S. Team
by posted 09/08/2020

Greetings players and parents,

Uniforms will be ready on Friday but we will pass them out Sunday.

Get to the field early and we will give them to you.  You can change in the concession stand or the 
portable bathrooms at the field.  Remember what size you ordered as they will be distributed that way. 
As you know, we will be playing 2 shortened games on Sunday, and we have a very long roster. 
I want to break up the team into 2 squads, batting only 9 or 10 per game.  Chances are you may only
get a chance to play in one of the two games, but that may change depending on the circumstances.
We cannot bat 17 players and play a competitive game.  Be ready to go, see you Sunday!
The Coaching Staff 

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